Thursday, September 08, 2005

Art Exhibitions in Spain

The following posts on this blog, from "Shots in the Head" through "Fatima, the Virgin of Abu Ghraib" were exibited in Spain.

Art Exhibition Title: “For Peace” and ““Themes and Dreams”
Artists: Maryjo Zilstra and Annabelle Lim
Place: Casa de Cultura
Address: Ronda, (Málaga), Spain
Date: July 21st through August 4th, 2005

The painting was sold for $50 euros, I'm not good at making money! The drawings are currently on exibit at the Cafe Voltaire, Ronda, Malaga, Spain. All the drawings, except for "Fire, the same roots and only one tree", are drawings taken from photographs, with the date of publication included in the titles.

The painting, "Fatima, the Virgin of Abu Ghraib" took me two months to complete. And includes a text about a story that is one of the most powerful modern myths to emerge out of the war in Iraq. The story of Fatima was widely distributed in the mainstream Islamic press; from the publication of Fatima's letter, the subsequent bombing of the prison, her funeral, and interviews with neighbors. And in English, the story only appeared in a few minor Internet News Services. I created this painting because it gave me an opportunity to deal with one of the most understated, not talked about crimes in this world: RAPE IN TIMES OF WAR.

Please feel free to reprint or repost, please feel free to contact me for larger .jpg files.
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Shots in the Head

A newspaper from the UK (I don't remember the name of the paper) came out with this article on July 23, 2005, the second day of my art show. They had no photographers on the scene, but were able to reconstruct events from a series of interviews that they conducted. Something that I've never seen a major US newspaper do, use an artist to depict events. Such a horrific event as this needs to be exposed.

In case you're unaware of this event ... Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician was mistakenly gunned down by anti-terrorist police at Stockwell tube station, he was shot eight times in the head. Mr De Menezes, 27, died on Friday, the day after the failed suicide bombings on London's transport network.

Basically, the folks in the UK have gone stark-raving mad, Londoners were telling me that people-of-color were no longer traveling on the subways, nor daring to carry a backpack, and that the buses were empty.
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Fire - the same roots and only one tree

The title "FIRE" was mainly intended to help the viewer understand that this Tree-of-Life is in fact, on fire. This is a a sketch for a painting, as I'm searching for a means to emphasize the connections and similarities between these three religions:

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Against the desecration of the Koran

US-Flag and Israeli-Flag painted on the floor of the entry-way of a mosque in Basra, Iraq. May 2005.
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A contractor-mercenary SNIPER, January 2005.
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Bombing mission, January 2005.
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Suicide Bomber

What a suicide bomber looks like .... this particular bombing took place June 2005. I think that many of the suicide bombers are coming into Iraq from Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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US military man attempting to celebrate Halloween with the most similar vegetable available, a watermelon. I felt this was possibly more sinister than a graphic war-image!
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Iraqi Prisoner

A drawing of a photo that I believe appeared on the cover of the New Yorker, December 2003.
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Transport to Guantanamo

Drawing of a photo that was smuggled to the net via an anonymous US military person, November 2002.
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Make Shift Cemetary in Football Field

The title speaks for itself. Make-shift cemetary, during first invasion of Fallujah, April 2004.
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Ali, son of the profit

I waited at my art opening for a friend to arrive that spoke arabic, he explained to me that this symbol signified Ali, not thinking straight, I mixed up Ali with Allah. Thus the marking out of God. Those that pray to Ali are Shiite.
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