Sunday, January 28, 2007

Aerial Bombardment of Somalia

01/12/2007 SOMALIA, U.S. AC-130 gun-ships mount a weeklong aerial bombing campaign of Jubaland. Bombs hit vital water sources, large groups of nomads and their animals. At least 70 people and hundreds of camels, cattle, goats and sheep were killed; more than 70,000 people displaced!

The orchestrated war on Somalia, executed by Ethiopian and U.S. militaries -- no reports in the U.S. media on that one. For those more informed, the Africans, they do not want to send troops to join the UN Peace Keeping Forces. They believe that their troops would be seen as complicit in what is viewed as U.S.-revenge for Mogadishu Black-Hawk-Down: the week-long-massive-bombing-campaign of Jubaland covered an area that consists of 3 provinces and 15 regions; which was autonomous until June 2006 and ironically not pro-Islamic Council.

sick isn't it?
they'll never stop.

I don't think the "USA" or any state apparatus can be "fixed" into not doing that. It's their nature and purpose.

We've got to let go of them as individuals. Too late? perhaps, but I can see no other way, and I really feel more optimistic than that. Like you said about the hundredth monkey, the consciousness of people everywhere could shift very quickly if enough of us can get our own adjusted.
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