Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bombing Congress

Oil on Canvas
36” x 36"

"The republican national committee is responsible for this advertisement . . ."

After viewing an advertisement released by the Republican National Committee on October 19, 2006, I was so furious that I decided to make a painting. Paint exactly what the Advertisement implies. Look at it, yes, it looks ridiculous! Who's bombing congress, the Arabs or the Republicans?

The advertisement is called “The Stakes”, which includes quotes from two al-Qaeda leaders, still not found (at large) – Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Certain phrases are repeated twice like “kill the Americans” or “suitcase bombs”. The only sound is that of a ticking bomb, which grows progressively louder, followed by the sound of a beating heart, brief video clips of explosions and terrorists in training, and ending with an explosion and the message "These Are The Stakes. Vote Nov. 7."

AND, most of the footage for this advertisement is taken from Al-Jazeera, as they state the source along with day, month and year of the footage. These maniacs, not only was the US-military responsible for three attacks on Al Jazeera and the killing of their journalists; they turn around and use their footage to attempt to persuade the US public that they should VOTE Republican!!!


If they really did believe their own advertisement, they would be promoting some kind of general awareness among the populace about this threat, and what precautionary measures should be taken. Like, nuclear response training, basic nuclear fallout knowledge, like DEFENSE. Not just offense, an offense that is stupid, creating more enemies by the minute.

There are pills that can be taken to help children especially if they happen to be located within 100 miles of a nuclear explosion. People should lock themselves in their houses for a week; anything that was exposed to the outdoors they should not be allowed inside their houses. They should probably consider staying at home, instead of risking worse exposure by attempting to flee in the midst of traffic.

I've said enough for now!
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