Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yep, I decided to follow the Virgin of Guadalupe model and make a candle ... if you want to buy one they are $10.00, plus shipping costs.

Fatima, the Virgin of Abu Ghraib

Fatima, an Iraqi woman who was the sister of a suspected resistance fighter, was arrested and imprisoned at Abu Ghraib when US Troops raided her house and failed to find her brother. Fatima managed to smuggle a letter out to her family. Here is an excerpt from her heart-wrenching letter:

"I am your sister in God (Fatima). The raped me on one day more than nine times. Can you comprehend! Imagine your sister being raped. Why can't you imagine it, as I am your sister. With me are 13 girls, all unmarried. All have been raped before the eyes and ears of everyone! Brothers, I tell you again, fear God! Kill us with them so that we might be at peace. Help! Help! Help!"

Fatima's elder brother organized a hundred men and launched an attack on the prison; Fatima was struck fatally in the head during the bombardment and died January 7, 2005.

Prayer of Peace to Fatima

God of the poor and the oppressed,
May we follow our Lord Jesus, who became poor,
Who suffered to liberate captives from bondage.
Bind the hands of tyrants,
Silence those who invoke your name as they torment others.
Send your Holy Spirit of comfort into every cell, into every heart,
Loving God, who causes war to cease,
Proclaim to us your holy gospel,
Announcing the healing of the nations,
Calling ever tongue, tribe, and nation to promote peace,
Change from the inside out,
So that we might act justly, love mercy and walk humbly, Amen.

by Flora Olivera (Mexico) 2004
Beautiful prayer, Kim. I'm wondering if the candles are still available.

Blessings my friend,
Are you still making these candles? If so, I'd love to place an order.
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