Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iraqi with ID Number

05/25/2005, IRAQ, Haditha, a U.S. marine writes an identification number on an Iraqi during the second major operation in one month.

In May 2005, U.S. forces launched “Operation New Market” in Haditha to stamp out the insurgents controlling the city.

During the early months of 2005, with the arrival of coalition and Iraqi forces, numerous roadside bombs were discovered and numerous indirect-fire attacks were launched against coalition forces. During these military operations Coalition Forces commit "collateral damage" in local towns and villages, such as broken doors, to total destruction of individual houses, and the killing of innocent civilians.

Today (01/2007) there is one road in and one road out of Haditha. Iraqi police, backed by US Marines, check all travelers and search all vehicles. There are metal wand detectors, mirror plates and bomb sniffing dogs. Anyone wanting to leave has to obtain written permission signed by the U.S. marines. Supply convoys are admitted subject to search. A total ban on vehicle traffic in the town has ended car bombings, suicide car bombings and drive-by shootings.
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